Amanda Degrave

Amanda DeGrave

President / Owner



"Be your best, authentic YOU!  You do You!  Live your BEST life!" Words I live by every single day~ 


My favorite word is BUBBLES - I cannot say that without laughing or smiling!


A fun background story about how I got into the Promotional Products industry.  When my son Cole, business namesake and now a partner in the company, was just 2 years old, I was a stay at home Mom but I was looking to make a little extra income on the side and still be able to stay home and raise him.   Before "remote" was even a word in the world of working, I put an ad out on good 'ol Craigslist to offer up my experience with secretarial work, in hopes I could work "from home".   High hopes but why not, right?  Within days, I was approached by 2 self starter entrepreneurs, looking to hire someone to sell their product they were marketing to distributors in the Promotional Products industry.  Having no clue what Promotional Products even were, I graciously accepted their offer to take a train to the city to interview with them.   After 3 years of working with this team, I decided it was time to become a distributor and be my own entrepreneur.   Now 15+ years in the industry, I have developed great relationships with suppliers that allows me preferred pricing to pass along to you.  

It has also been a dream and goal of mine to build this business up and to partner with my son Cole and pass along this legacy to him.  He is currently attending college for a Masters degree in Business and Marketing.  

I love people!  I love talking!   I love helping!  I love branding!  And I love coaching!   With that, I am here to work with you on helping to promote your brand and your business.

Amanda Degrave

Cole Hanson 

Partner | Sales & Marketing



Cole Hanson is a valued partner and part of our sales and marketing team.  Cole is attending University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing and will be pursuing a Masters Degree, to follow.   He will provide unique insight to our company as he works toward educating himself in the key elements of business and marketing.  He also brings a more youthful, modern vibe to the business with his age and today's marketing strategies.   

Cole has achieved many great things to include high honor student and a scholar athlete, placing twice in the Wisconsin State Wrestling Tournament, as well as one of the best baseball players.   Nominated as a WIAA Scholar/Athlete, his dedication, commitment and passion toward his education and athletics has taught him to be the best he can be and always put his best foot forward.  His drive and competitiveness is what has been his key to success.

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